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“કર્મ કરવા છતાં ફળ શું કામ નથી મળતું? એનો જવાબ આપે છે જ્યોતિષ”

If you are doing hard work and so many tries to achieve your goal or to get something though you’re not getting the proper result that means the stars or the planets are not helping you. Astrology (Jyotish) is all about stars and planets that affect in your career, business, study, job, marriage life and education.

ભગવાન ની પૂજાંના બહાને સગા સબંધીની નજીક આવવું, એ જ મહત્વની વાત છે”

If you are starting a new business or purchased new house, all you should do is to thank the god. And as per our Indian tradition, we thanks the god by organizing a pooja. A pooja when we get married, a pooja when we buy new home, a pooja on child’s birth, a pooja when we starts new business.

“ઘરમાં હંમેશા અશાંતિનો માહોલ કેમ અનુભવાય છે? એનો જવાબ આપે છે વાસ્તુશાસ્ત્ર ”

All we need is DEEP PEACE whenever we come back to home from our business or job, but we don’t understand that due to which reason we can’t get that deep peace instead of it all we get is Family Problems, Quarrel with Family Members or Health Related issues. All this things that you are dealing with can be“VAASTU” Problems.

All Problems you are facing right now, Either is about your Job, Marriage, Business Or Anything, It can be solved if you do all the necessary process mentioned in your kundli.

Dr.Alkesh Raval (PH.D.P.E.C.)

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Dr. Alkesh Raval (A World Famous Astrologer in India) provides many astrology services like Daily Horoscope, Love Horoscope, Kundli Making Service, Horoscope-Matchmaking, Vaastu for Home, Numerology, Palmistry, Jyotish Bhargav, Jyotish Acharya,
Jyotish Shastri. Many people from different countries (USA, UK, INDIA, CANADA) are fan of his Astrology consultation services.
He has M.A, B.ed in Sanskrit from Shri Bruhad Gujarat Sanskrit,P.E.C. (Professional Experience Certificate in 2019)
He has done PhD in Astrology and has achieved various awards like:-
1) Star Astro Award 2018
2) Indian Achiever Award
3) Srilanka Navrant Award
4) Star of Astro Science
5) Millennium Award of astrology
6) Guru Gorkhnath Summan Award

Dr. Akash Raval

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Dr Akash Raval himself is a international astrologer, astro samrat, diamond medal winner and gold medalist. Dr Akash Raval Provide 100% Guaranteed solutions to job, business, marital problems, getting rid of drinking habit, gaining control over the desired person, allowing to get love back by services. Our experts provide 100% Guranteed and Exact solutions to the love problem,financial problems,court problems.
Dr. Akash Raval Started in 2010
Degree - Jyotish Acharya,Vastu Acharya,Phd in Vaidik Vastu,Palmist,Numorologist,Energy Healer,MBA Certified,Jyotish Bhargav,Jyotish Visharad,Jyotish Acharya,Vastu Vibhakar,Vastu Shastri,Vastu Acharya,Jyotish Shastri,Tarot Certified,Numorology Certified,Indian Achiever Award,Star Astro Award(Certification of excellence),Best Vastu Shastri of 2019,Gold Medalist in Palmistry,Cuption of Pyra - Vastu,Unique world record Participent

Himani Raval

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She has a knowledge of various astrological services like Jyotish Bhargav, Jyotish Visharad, Vaastu Visharad, Tarot Card, Reiki, Numorology.

She is a Gold Medalist in Numorology (Pan India 3rd Rank) and has won Maa Sarswati Award in 2019.

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